Montana Black and Stainless Link Bracelet
A smooth finish stainless steel bracelet with interior charcoal colored links. Latches with a clasp that retains the pattern of the bracelet. This bracelet is rugged yet polished enough for a evening out.
$99.95 $39.95
Mountain Creek Rose Snaffle Bit Bracelet
Mavericks Western Wear brings you our Mountain Creek Jewellery Range. Sterling Silver Rose Snaffle Bit Bracelet.
Sabona Men's Black Leather Magnetic Bracelet
Sabona's Leather Collection showcases distinctive bracelets with a rugged elegance for both men and women. These unique new designs combine classic Sabona stainless steel links with quality USA oil-tanned leathers. The stitching on the leather provides style as well as...
$99.00 $39.95
Mountain Creek Horse Bit Chain Bracelet
Mavericks Western Wear brings you our Mountain Creek Jewellery Range. Sterling Silver horse bit chain bracelet.
Montana Silver Crystal Shine Bracelet
Crystal Shine is a narrow band of large clear cubic zirconia crystals set on black and trimmed around each edge with polished silver twisted rope. This silver bangle bracelet is hinged with jewelry clasp to fit over most hands. Great...
$89.95 $49.95
Montana Canyon Rocks Bracelet
A simple, narrow silver cuff is lined with small oval shaped red stone cabochons, in a traditional Southwestern style. Bright and bold, these natural stone colors may vary slightly from the catalog image.
$109.95 $39.95
Montana CrossCut Bead & Chevron Cuff Bracelet
A medium width Crosscut Collection cuff bracelet features a hand-painted black diamond shape with a beaded design throughout. A precisely hand-painted backdrop illuminates the silver finish of the bead design and the chevrons. The center features a bright silver finish...
$144.95 $39.95
Sabona Pink Realtree Magnetic Bracelet
She may not be a lady of many words, but she'll have plenty to say when you give her this stylish, magnetic bracelet by Sabona. It features REALTREE® Camouflage links, pink accents and a clasp, which fastens securely to the...
$149.00 $39.95
Sabona Men's Black Cable Magnetic Bracelet
This black cable and stainless bracelet make a great combination and compliment the current fashion trends very well. A 1200 gauss samarium cobalt magnet is in each large link. Sabona chooses Samarium Cobalt magnets for long term durability and rust...
$99.00 $39.95
Sabona Black Gem Magnetic Bracelet
Simple design, accented by black gemstones, provides a classic look, suitable for any occasion. Whether dressing up casual apparel, or creating an understated look for evening, this polished stainless steel bracelet will be the perfect complement. Sabona also incorporates the...
$110.00 $39.95
Mountain Creek Fine Bracelet
Mavericks Western Wear brings you our Mountain Creek Jewellery Range. Sterling Silver bracelet with small coloured beading.
Sabona Executive Sport Magnetic Bracelet
Sabona Executive Sport Silver Magnetic Bracelet (8.0)
$120.00 $39.95
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