Cruel Abby Diamonds Jean
The ABBY jean is elevated with a discharge print and intricate embroidery creating the appearance of sophisticated beading on the back pockets. The versatile medium stonewash, hand sanding, whiskers, chevrons and 10.9 oz. crosshatch stretch denim make this jean one-of-a-kind....
$127.00 $70.00
Cruel Abby August Jean
High fashion finishing details on the boot cut Abby make it the jean you won't leave home without. Reverse denim back pocket piecing and stellar denim dimension ensure Abby remains a solid choice in your denim rotation. Premium 11.5 oz...
$127.00 $85.00
Wrangler Q Baby Dark Dynasty 36 Leg
Mid Rise .Stretch .No gap waistband .Flat comfort seam 11.5 oz Denim .86% Cotton 1% Spandex 13% Polyester SKU: WRQ20DD
$109.95 $75.00
Wrangler Rock 47 Vintage Rose Jean
Wrangler Rock 47 Jean with Rose Gold Sequins and Bold White Side Stitching. Sit Above Hip Cut. SKU: X0W2247487
$139.95 $70.00
Cinch Lynden Suede Jean
LYNDEN - Moderate Rise, Slim Fit, Trouser LYNDEN shows up this spring with some seriously cute faux suede details along the back pockets. Finishing elements of hand sanding, tint and whiskers round out a versatile medium stonewash, and its 10.9...
$135.95 $85.00
Cruel Abby April Jean
ABBY comes in a rabble rousing medium stonewash packed with heavy hand sanding, whiskers, chevrons, grinding and tacking. A winning combination of piecing, tonal embroidery and burrs punch up the back pockets making ABBY a total knockout.
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