Aerofelt Pro Drafter with Bottle Green Kersey Wool Top 14mm


This is the standard 14mm wool felt Pro Drafter® with a kersey wool top. Measurements 75cmx40cm (back length is 70cm) . 100% Virgin wool felt in the construction of the Pro Drafter® Range of Saddle pads.Wool fibers are made from a protein called Kreatin. The Pro Drafter is Contoured and conformed to fit. The Pro Drafter® wool felt pads are Durable and will give you excellent weight distribution, whilst maintaining Superior Compression Protection. Wool felt will wick away moisture from your horses back and breath. It has the ability to absorb moisture from the body, leaving the skin dryer and cooler than other materials. 100% Wool Felt has the unique ability to keep your horse cooler in summer yet retains the ability to insulate in winter. Wool is Hydrophilic which means it has the ability to absorb moisture. Wool will absorb approximately 34.4% of its own weigh in moisture before it begins to feel damp to the touch. In comparison to cotton at about 8% of its own weight and synthetics at less than 5% which has limited wicking ability if any.

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