GE-WY Leather Conditioner - 125mL

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The best friend leather ever had, since 1945.
Made in Australia, GE-WY Leather Conditioner is non-toxic and contains natural leather foods.
Beautifully softens, preserves, protects and waterproofs leather goods and saddlery.
The natural, non-toxic ingredients in GE-WY do not weaken or affect stitching.
GE-WY has the reputation as one of the finest leather preservatives on the market. It is manufactured from start to finish in Australia, using the original recipe used by the Wyatt family for over 70 years.

Directions: Apply a light coat of GE-WY with a soft cloth, allow to stand for GE-WY to penetrate the leather.
For a quicker penetration, pre-heat the leather article in the sun. Polish off with a soft cloth.
For old and dry leather, repeat application until soft and pliable.
• Softens & preserves
• Protects & Waterproofs
• Contains natural leather foods
• Non-toxic
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