Mavericks Tail Bag
Short 55cm Long 75cm Available in 2 colours Velcro tab
Dr Show GG Healer Shake & Spray Essential Oil Spray
Dr Show GG  Healer Shake & Spray Essential Oil Formula is a general purpose  fast penetrating spray to aid in the healing of a variety skin issues.  The liquid is ideal for penetrating deep into the dock or similar areas...
10 Point Spur Rowels
10 Point Stainless Rowels. Great for use on general riding spurs.  Sold in a pair.
Dr Show Shampoo Mixer Unit
A simple multi use plug and use mixer. You can fill with Dr Show Shampoo to deliver the shampoo onto the horse before you massage the shampoo in, You can put our Float Wash into the bowl and wash your...
12 Point Spur Rowels
12 Point Stainless Rowels.  Great for use on general riding spurs.  Sold in a pair
Black 5 Point Notched Bull Rowel
Size: 1 1/4" 5 Point Notched, Black steel 5 point bull riding rowels. Sold in pairs
Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap 125G
The original Saddle Soap for cleaning and renovating saddles and leather.• Cleans, restores and maintains the beauty of leather.• Keeps leather soft and supple.• Contains citronella fragrance with a spongy, creamy, gel consistency which contains added fats to nourish the...
Bugshield Insect Repellant
* Repels flies, lice, fleas and scrub ticks (not paralysis ticks). * No mixing, no fuss, simply spray on to protect your horse, dog and stables. * 500mL bottle with spray nozzle.
Dr Show Muscle Kit
The Dr Show MUSCLE Horse & Rider System is designed to combine massage therapy using our magnetic glove with our natural oil muscle spray to help prepare the horse for exercise, as well as assist in the recovery process after...
Cashel Long Nose Fly Mask
Three-hole cap eliminating forelock damage and ensures comfort with its unique design that stays put while your horse is stalled or turned out in the pasture.  Soft coated nylon micro mesh blocks 70% of the sun's damaging UV rays and...
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