Dr Show Shampoo Mixer Unit
A simple multi use plug and use mixer. You can fill with Dr Show Shampoo to deliver the shampoo onto the horse before you massage the shampoo in, You can put our Float Wash into the bowl and wash your...
Dr Show 250ml Detangler
Mane & Tail Detangler will not only release stubborn knots but once your mane and tail are knot free and you have thoroughly worked the product through the hair you will notice enhanced colour and shine and the hair will...
Dr Show Mane and Tail Detangler 125ml
This convenient pocket sized detangler is perfect for quick touch ups on the go or the 1 horse owner that wants to keep their horse looking good. Mane & Tail Detangler will not only release stubborn knots but once your...
Dr Show Tail Rake and Detangler Pack
After performing 1000's of tail preparation demonstrations we now have the perfect Dr Show tail brush available for our customers which is suitable for tails, manes and long haired coats. This heavy duty brush should give you years of reliable...
Glycerine Leather & SaddleSoap
With a high glycerine content this JL Glycerine Saddle Soap is designed mainly as a cleaner. It does contain smalls amounts of natural oils which help to soften and nourish the leather somewhat. For best results, condition and protect the...
Tuffrock PJF 600g
World's first vegan joint powder manufactured under patent with chelated volcanic minerals made bio-available for collagen generation (aka collagen minerals), synergised with botanic vitamins, micronised omegas, antioxidants & phyto-nutrients with absolutely no animal protein.
Mavericks Tail Bag
Short 55cm Long 75cm Available in 2 colours Velcro tab
Bambino Black Mesh Fly Mask
The black fly mask material is bound in Blue or Pink with an adjustable poll strap and velcro jowl fastening.
Effax Glycerine Saddle Soap 300g Tub
• Leather care in one simple step. • Effax Glycerine-Soap cleans all smooth leathers quickly, gently and thoroughly. • Stubborn dirt such as dust and sweat marks will be removed easily. • The active ingredients penetrate deep into the leather,...
Tuffrock EJF 2.5kg
• TuffRock is a powerful natural feedstuff for horses, made from stable 100% Australian all-natural energised 3 and 2 domensional volcanic colloidal minerals, beneficial for collagen, joint and stress support. It offers a "wholistic" approach addressing synovial joint fluid, cartilage...
Tuffrock G.I. 500ml
This product is made from natural volcanic minerals which aid in the prevention of gastrointestinal problems. One of the benefits of using this product is that it prevents stomach ulcers. Key Features & Benefits: Prevents stomach ulcers. Normalises pH levels...
Tuffrock Poultice 1.8kg
Tuffrock Poultice is an effective treatment for muscle relief and wound healing in your horse. Made from special soils extracted from volcanic areas, Tuffrock Poultice can be used for muscle, ligament and tendon relief after racing, training or other hard...
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