Cassidy Beaded Jewellery Set
Cassidy Beaded Jewellery Set is a beige coloured Necklace and Earring set with feather charms and beads throughout the chain.
Mia Inspirations Turquoise Ornate Jewellery Set
Mia Inspirations Turquoise Ornate Jewellery Set features a oval turquoise pendant with a complimenting grey tassel. Adding to the turquoise necklace, is a simple oval turquoise stud. Lead Compliant.
Beaded Tribal Arc Earring
Beaded Tribal Arc Earring feature a half moon at the bottom of the drop earring. 3 Turquoise stones are featured in the center of the half moon.
Tipi Framed Leopard Earrings
Tipi Framed Leopard Earrings boast a tassel leopard print design with a diamond turquoise cut out with a silver framed centre piece. Lead & Nickel Compliant.
Tipi Arizona Aztec Earring
Tipi Arizona Aztec Earring features an arrow/cross like base with an Arizona Aztec pendant.
Pomina Filigree Earring
Pomina Filigree Earrings are a white gold look earring with a Filigree design.
Wild Flower Coral Cactus Earring
Wild Flower Coral Cactus Earring is a teardrop style earring with a coral backdrop and green cactus print all over.
Mia Girl Turquoise Jewellery Set
Mia Girl Turquoise Jewellery Set is simple fashion accessory to add to your wardrobe. With light weight fish hook earrings you will feel like you're not even wearing any. Lead Compliant.
Mia Craft Precious Earring
Mia Craft Precious Earring boasts a Semi Precious Turquoise Stone with pearl look beaded drops.
Makarlon Fashion Jewellery Set
Makarlon Fashion Jewellery Set features a bronze flower earring and a turquoise flower link necklace. With the typical turquoise and red colours being your mains, this will add your desired western flare. Lead & Nickel Compliant.
Tipi Burnished Copper Earring
Tipi Burnished Copper Earrings features a warm aztec print oval centerpiece with copper outterlay and dangling arrows. Lead & Nickel Compliant.
Julie Collection Turquoise Jewellery Set
Julie Collection Turquoise Jewellery Set features accented round cut rings with complimenting turquoise gems. Adding to this elegant necklace is simple turquoise drop earrings. Lead & Nickel Compliant.
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