Nylon Chain Curb Strap
Made of tough nylon, fully adjustable end straps, nickel plated double curb chain.
Rolled Leather Curb Strap
Curbed Leather light tan with stainless steel buckles and leather keepers
Leather Curb strap
Leather light tan leather with stainless steel buckles and leather keepers
Bambino Black Mesh Fly Mask
The black fly mask material is bound in Blue or Pink with an adjustable poll strap and velcro jowl fastening.
Schutz Black Leather Latigo
Schutz quality black long leather latigo.  Thin yet strong, therefore less bulk in girth area.
Effax Glycerine Saddle Soap 300g Tub
• Leather care in one simple step. • Effax Glycerine-Soap cleans all smooth leathers quickly, gently and thoroughly. • Stubborn dirt such as dust and sweat marks will be removed easily. • The active ingredients penetrate deep into the leather,...
Nylon Thick Chain Curb Strap
Single Curb Chain is constructed with premium nylon. Quality constructed in the USA.
Shultz 1/2" Harness Leather Curb Strap
1/2" wide harness leather curb strap with leather loops and a nickel plated buckle.
Harness Flat Chain Curb Strap
Harness leather Flat double link Chain Curb Strap. Stainless Steel Chain
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