Mouth Guard Twisted Snaffle
Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit with mouthguard, made from stainless steele and designed by Mavericks Western This bit is a step up from the Smooth Snaffle. It creates greater sensitivity in the mouth. Great for training and softening older horses mouths.
$65.00 $25.00
Correctional Short Shank Bit
Correctional short shank bit Stainless Steel Short Shank Correction Bit, 5" Copper Covered Mouthpiece, 6" Stainless Steel Shanks.
Correctional Long Shank Bit
Correctional Long Shank Bit Stainless Steel *MP - 5" Correctional, Copper *CP - 7-1/2" Medium Shank
Mouthguard Snaffle
Smooth Mouthguard Snaffle Bit, designed by Mavericks Western Wear Brisbane. Made from stainless steel with smooth mouthguard feature for extra protection. 5"
$65.00 $45.00
D Ring Snaffle Bit with Copper Bridge
Starting a young horse? This is an awesome little bit to get your horse working like a dream for the very start. This is a soft bit, the inlaid copper promotes salivation and greater sensitivity to the bars. 5"
$65.00 $45.00
Three piece Snaffle bit
Three Piece Snaffle Bit designed by Mavericks Western Wear Brisbane. Made from stainless steel. A great way to start any horse. 5 inch
$65.00 $25.00
D Ring Snaffle Bit
D Ring snaffle bits are wonderful for schooling or shows. The bit works by encouraging a turn. It takes a deliberate action to cue the horse. When released, the bit returns quickly to a resting state, providing release of pressure...
$65.00 $25.00
Metalab Chhrome Plated Quarter Horse Bit
Metalab Chhrome Plated Quarter Horse Bit. 5" Medium Port Mouth, 6 1/2" Cheeks. For Aged Intermediate Experienced Horse. Moderate/Strong Effect
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