Boulet Boot 9164
Boulet Boot Style 9164. This wide square toe boot features a 12" Organza Grey Shaft with a shoulder black foot, a leather midsole with a boulet rider sole and a single sitched welt. A stockman heel for all round comfort...
Durango Georgia Work Boot
Georgia Athens Waterproof Work Shoe gives you extreme comfort and stability while keeping feet dry. Part of the Athens Collection, this shoe features Anchor Disk Technology to anchor your foot in comfort and stability. The TPU stabilizer with built-in shank...
Boulet Challenger Boot 7762
Toe Wide square toe Heel Stockman heel Sole Realflex sole Stitching Double stitch welt Height 11" 1E Width
Boulet Boot 5117
Boulet Boots Style 5117. This full round toe boot features a 12" Organza Brown Shaft, Bullhide Cognac foot, a vibram sole with a roper heel and a single stitch welt. Wide 3E fitting boot. SKU: 5117
Boulet Boot 8169
Boulet Roughstock Boot Style 8169. This great boot features a vintage square toe, a horseman heel, leather sole, single stitch welt, roughstock shank and a rawhide heel counter. This 12" Deerlite Red Shafted boot is a snug 1E fitting.
Boulet Boot 4736
Boulet RoughStock Boot Style 4736. A 12" Electric Blue Shaft and Damasko Taupe vintage square toe foot. With a horseman heel, leather sole and single stitched welt to fit perfectly in the stirrup. A reinforced roughstock shank and snug 1E...
Boulet Boot 0582
Boulet Boot Style 0582 features a genuine Ostrich Brandy foot, with injected leather soles and removable cushion insole. Ample room with a wide square toe. A sturdy stockman heel and double stitched welt, with a complimenting 13" high shaft. EEE...
Boulet Boot 9343
Boulet Boot Style 9343 features a wide square toe & injected leather soles. The secure stockman heel and double stitched welt is complimented by a 13" shaft. EEE Fitting SKU: 9343
Boulet Boot 0317
Men's Boulet Boots 0317. Features a Wide Square Toe, Stockman Heel, Injected leather soles, Removable cushion insole, Double Stitch Welt and a 13" Shaft. SKU: 0317
Boulet Boot 6326
Wide square toe, Stockman heel, Leather sole, Double stitched welt, 13" Upper, 1E Widt.  SKU: 6326
Boulet Boot 9395
Wide Square Toe, Double Stitch Welt, Height: 13". Injected leather soles, Removable cushion insole, Stockman Heel SKU: 9395
Boulet Boot 9368
Vintage square toe, Reinforced "Roughstock" shank, Height: 12", Leather sole, Horseman Heel. 1E Width SKU: 9368
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