Copper Band #42 (SMALL WRIST)
  Copper Band #42 is fashioned with nothing less than 99.9% pure copper, artfully incorporating six pieces of neodymium magnets to imbue it with a unique and stylish Heath element. Exceptionally suited for SMALL wrists, this 155x8x2mm unisex accessory is...
Copper Band #41
Copper Band #41 is crafted from pure copper, boasting a 6-piece neodymium configuration. This unisex accessory measures 175x8x2.2mm, adding a sophisticated touch of luxury to any ensemble.  
Copper Band #39
  Copper Band #39 is crafted with a luxe blend of pure copper and 6-piece health element neodymium magnets, detailed with stainless steel caps. This elegant unisex accessory is finished with a fetching tri-colour finish, measuring 175x8x2mm.
Copper Band #28
Crafted to an exacting standard of 99.9% pure copper, this luxurious unisex accessory features six pieces of powerful neodymium magnets, precisely sized to 175 x 8 x 2mm. Meticulously designed for superior health benefits, it has quickly become a staple...
Copper Band #29 (SMALL WRIST)
Crafted from 99.9% copper, this unisex accessory boasts a luxurious Health Element of 6 premium neodymium magnets (160 x 8 x 2mm) - designed to perfectly fit the smaller wrist.
Copper Band #21
Crafted from pure copper and featuring six powerful neodymium magnets, this unisex accessory is sure to bring a unique health element to any look. At 175x9x2mm, the Copper Band #21 offers a truly luxurious feel. SKU: CBG095
Copper Band #14
Copper Band 14 features a rope design with a polished finish. Material: Pure Copper. Health Benefits: 6pcs neodymium magnets 170*9.5*2.5mm Bands are Unisex.   SKU: CBG225-3
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