Bauer Helmet Snap Chin Strap Buckles
The Bauer Helmet Snap Chin Strap Buckles are replacement snap buckles for chin straps or helmet cage straps. Available in black and white. -Sold individually
Bauer Replacement Black Ear Loop
Set of 2 hockey helmet replacement ear loops Attaches to the chin strap and fastens to the helmet in the two holes on each side of the ear holes One size fits all. Size: approx. 13.8 x 11.5 cm/5.43 x...
Bauer Replacement Rear Post Rivet
Bauer Replacement Rear Post Rivet - A large fixing nut for the Bauer helmet - Sold singularly
Bauer Replacement Chin Strap Set
Part: Replacement Chin Strap Colors: Black, White Includes: 1x Chin Strap, 1x Clip, 1 loop
Bauer Chin Strap Fastener
Replacement chinstrap cheek loop fastener – fits around ear sling.
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