Tuffrock G.I. 500ml

Terms & conditions

This product is made from natural volcanic minerals which aid in the prevention of gastrointestinal problems. One of the benefits of using this product is that it prevents stomach ulcers.
Key Features & Benefits:
Prevents stomach ulcers.
Normalises pH levels in stomach.
Helps strengthen stomach lining.
Gets rid of bacteria and toxins.
G.I. LIQUID is manufactured from our unique range of 100% Australian natural colloidal volcanic minerals with gut acid normalizer. Lovely earthy taste means easy to paste by syringe over the tongue or add to feed.
3 key focus points that may help horses maintain normal G.I. physiology:
A. Gut Acid Imbalance (Ulcer type symptoms)
Light = 50ml x 2 pre feed am + pm for 10 days.
Heavy = 50ml x 2 pre feed am + pm for 20 days.
B. Gut Stress (Colic or founder type symptoms)
50ml x 2 in 12 hours, may need additional 30 ml pre-feed for 30 days.
Why? To help maintain normal acetic acid.. Generally regarded, imbalances lead to hind gut fermentation (pre-cursor to colic).
C. Gut Calm
50 ml as required, max 200 ml over 24 hours.
Why? A + B = C.
TuffRock GI … recommended for dirt-eating horses.

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