6x Serratelli Pecan S4
6x Serratelli Pecan proudly displays its sophisticated, attractive hue, along with the coveted and fashionable S4 crown design, equipped with a 4 3/8" brim and a 5" crown height. Want a personalized shape? Please leave a note on your order...
6x Serratelli Pecan/ Whiskey Trim S6
Serratelli 6X Pecan Red Rock Felt Hat is a high-end staple that features a shovel nose profile, a 4 1/4" brim, and a 4 1/8" flat top crown height. Indulge in unparalleled quality and luxurious craftsmanship with this whiskey trim...
6x Serratelli Silverbelly Felt Hat S3/E3 - 4" Brim
Serratelli 6X Silverbelly Felt Hat boasts unparalleled popularity with its shovel-nosed 4" Brim and 4 3/8" high crown, along with a buckle set of exquisite quality.Want a personalized shape? Leave a note at checkout with reshape instructions!
6X Serratelli Silverbelly S3 - 4 1/4" Brim
This Serratelli 6X Silverbelly Felt Hat is simply sublime. Its 4 1/4" Brim and 4 3/8" high crown shape is a timeless classic that has gained immense popularity. Every aspect of this hat is crafted to a high standard, from...
6X Serratelli Silverbelly S6 - 4 1/4" Brim
Serratelli 6X Silverbelly Red Rock Hat is the ultimate in style. This standout hat features a shovel nose 4 1/4" brim, coupled with an S6 flat top crown that stands 4 1/8" tall to create a look that is truly...
6X Serratelli Silverbelly S6 - 4" Brim
The Serratelli 6X Silverbelly Red Rock Hat exemplifies the new style in hats. With its distinctive shovel nose 4" brim and luxurious S6 flat top crown, standing 4 1/8" high, it is sure to make a statement. Want a personalized...
6x Serratelli Stone S4
The 6x Serratelli Stone S4 promises to be a crowd-pleaser with its unique beaver and hare blend perfectly proportioned to retain a flawless silhouette. Its lighter hue than its popular Dirt counterpart makes this hat all the more coveted. A...
6x Serratelli Walnut S4
Serratelli is gracing us with another rich and beautiful addition to our collection - the 6X Serratelli Walnut S4! Featuring a 5" crown and a 4 3/8" brim, this hybrid of chocolate and mink provides the perfect look. Hat Specs:...
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