6X Serratelli Dirt S4
6X Serratelli Dirt S4 Felt Hat Serratelli providing us with a great new colour for our range! The 6X Dirt showcases an S4 crown, a grey colour with brown flecks throughout the felt & a 4 3/8" Brim. The perfect...
4X Serratelli Silverbelly S9/E9
Serratelli Hat Company 4X Silverbelly Felt Hat. Features a shovel nose profile with a 4" or 4 1/4"  brim and a 4 5/16" crown height.
$395.00 $295.00
6x Serratelli Walnut S4
Serratelli providing us with a great new colour for our range! The 6X Serratelli Walnut showcases an S4 5" crown, a perfect hybrid colour that is between a chocolate and a mink and a 4 3/8" Brim. Hats can be...
6x Serratelli Granite S4
6x Granite with a deep S4 Crown. Features a 4 3/8" Shovel Nose Brim & a high 5" Crown.
6X Serratelli Silverbelly S6 - 4 1/4" Brim
Serratelli 6X Silverbelly Red Rock Hat, the new look in hats. What makes this hat different is the shovel nose 4 1/4" brim, S6 flat top crown that is 4 1/8" high.
5x Serratelli Silverbelly S4
5X Silverbelly deep S4 Crown. With it's shovel shaped 4 3/8" brim and deep 5" crown.
5x Serratelli Mink/ Whiskey Trim S6
5x Mink with Whiskey Trim. Features a whiskey ribbon hat band, whiskey trimming on a 4 1/4" brim and in our most popular crown flat top, 4 1/8" crown.
6X Serratelli Silverbelly S3 - 4 1/4" Brim
Serratelli 6X Silverbelly Felt Hat. Easily our most popular colour ever!! Shovel nosed 4 1/4" Brim and 4 3/8" high crown, buckle set and of course the high quality.
6x Serratelli Pecan/ Whiskey Trim S6
Serratelli 6X Pecan Red Rock Felt Hat with whiskey Trim. This great quality Serratelli Hat comes with a shovel nose profile, 4 1/4 Inch Brim and a 4 1/8" flat top crown height.
5X Serratelli Chocolate/ Steel Trim S6
Serratelli 5X Felt Hat in Chocolate colour with a steel trim. Featuring a shovel nose profile and 4 1/4" brim with the all time favourite flat top crown (4 1/8" high) Also comes with a hat band that has a...
6x Serratelli Pecan S4
6x Serratelli Pecan, S4 crown with 4 3/8" Brim, 5" Crown *Note colouring may slightly vary due to brightness of your screen or material used on separate batches of hats*
6x Serratelli Granite S6
6x Serratelli Granite Felt Hat. Features a flat top crown (4 1/8" high), shovel shaped profile with a 4 1/4" brim.
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