Myra Aqua Hand Tooled Bag
The aqua flap stands out against the brown backdrop of the bag. With two pockets inside and a zip at the back, it is the perfect bag for all the busy souls out there. Hide is a natural product, colours...
Myra Azure Patterned Leather & Hairon Hide Bag
The azure design stands out against the hairon leather to give this bag a dynamic element. It has zippered top and a wide leather strap to give you comfortable handling. Hide is a natural product, colours vary per bag
Myra Blue Wings Hand Tooled Bag
If you ever thought you were born to fly then this is the handbag that perfectly reflects your inner desire for freedom. This is for those who believe that even sky isn't the limit!
Myra Brown & White Boot Bag
The leather & hairon boot bag is the comfort. Keep your shoes separate from clothes, zipper design makes it easy to close and open. Hide is a natural product, colours vary per bag
Myra Bumble Leather Bag
An exquisitely beautiful and bright leather bag, it will cast a spell of life in your wardrobe and a layer of fun to your mood!
Myra Cafune Leather & Hairon Hide Bag
In its black and white surface and beautiful frills, this leather and hairon bag provides a sense of deep comfort and a feeling of relaxation to whoever carries it with them. Hide is a natural product, colours vary per bag
Myra Carry Joy 6 Pack Caddy
Wrapped professionally with hairon leather, here is Barware's dream for your joy in reality. No matter the destination, you can easily carry 6 pints of beer anywhere and everywhere! Hide is a natural product, colouring varies per caddy.
Myra Checkered Brown Hand-Tooled Leather Belt
Show off your bold style when you wear this checkered brown belt. It has hand-woven floral pattern on the borders and also has a removable buckle.
Myra Cobalt Sea Leather Belt
Show off your unique style when you wear this floral patterned leather belt with traces of turquoise. It is available in 4 different sizes and comes with a removable buckle to meet your convenience.
Myra Conglomerate Leather & Hairon Hide Bag
With sprinkles of turquoise frills complementing the earthy brown, this bag will look perfect with boho outfits and indo-ethnic dresses. Hide is a natural product, colours vary per bag
Myra Cool Blue Wine Bag
Forget carrying those heavy wine bottles around and now get them in a stylish way. Rug, leather and a lot of love make the receipe for this Barware's gift of life to you!
Myra Crown Hand Tooled Bag
Adorned with a patterns that resembles a tiara, this hand-tooled bag will look provide a succinctly different and royal look to it wearer. Hide is a natural product, colours vary per bag
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